Accountant from Krakow

Accountant from Krakow

In each company, including in the law firm Księga, the accountant plays a very important role. It must be first and foremost a very accurate person, mastered and experienced. This is an area where everything has to agree even the proverbial one penny. That’s why experienced and responsible people work in this accounting office. Their responsibilities include, inter alia, the keeping of accounts of virtually all matters related to revenue and revenue in a given economic unit. All this information is, of course, entered on an ongoing basis to the relevant accounting account. Our accountants employed in the law firm often participate in training organized by the Association of Accountants in Poland. Thanks to this, they have the appropriate qualifications to keep our customers’ accounts. We care about as many principals as possible, so we try to keep our employees up to date with regulations that are changing frequently. After all, the accountant must be aware of the calculation of taxes, be able to prepare tax returns, keep an eye on the timeliness of settlements with the most important institutions, such as ZUS and the Tax Office and others depending on the activities of the customer. We do not save the costs of improving the professional qualifications of our employees. Thanks to this, we have more and more satisfied people from the level of services we provide.

Good accountant

In our law firm they work very good accountants, their experience and appropriate education decided to hire with us. Such a person is not only obliged to keep all accounts, but also has the ability to contact the customer. Very often people who want to start their own business come to us, most often not having any idea where to start. In order to do so, we have accountants to help prepare all the necessary documentation for the start-up of the business and to draw up all the required declarations and appropriate submissions to the necessary offices. Such cases can only be dealt with by an experienced accountant. Customers who entrust us with their accounting can be sure that all their cases will be dealt with efficiently and quickly in a professional way. Information is willing to be provided and explained in case of any doubts from the customer. Each person is different and you need to be able to establish a common language so that everyone is satisfied with our accounting services.

Important and responsible work

The accounting profession is not everyone can do, but it is very important in the conduct of small, medium or large business activities. Therefore, it is not only important to have adequate education, experience or knowledge of the rules. Mastery, conscientiousness, ability to think logically and analyze economic events also counts. It is not enough to post an invoice or account to the appropriate account. You need to be able to find a possible mistake if necessary, analyze why something disagrees. Everything should be fine, and yet something does not play. You can’t talk about the fact that it’s just the fault of your computer. Unfortunately, this is not the case. All information is entered into the relevant accounting programme, yes, is largely processed, by the accounting programmes adapted to it. However, a good accountant must also be able to cope without a computer. For the sake of our customers, we have carefully selected the right employees so that our customers are satisfied that they have entrusted their accounting to our law firm.