Favorable Księga offer

Favorable Księga offer

Our law firm is tasked with accounting and tax optimisation to help you do business, as well as individual settlements for individuals. Our team is made up of people with the right education and passion, thanks to which they develop professionally. We systematically expand our knowledge, both in training and in our own depth of the rules. The area we deal with is particularly challenging. On the one hand, the obligation to keep up to date, on the other hand, the great trust of customers which we cannot fail. We have one right, but the mystery lies in the ability to use it. Proper knowledge and direction to business needs can significantly affect finances and further careers.

Our offer

The Tax Firm Book offers professional and reliable assistance in many areas of activity, even at the stage of its establishment. Proof of the highest quality of our services is the license of the Minister of Finance.

We offer: • keeping flat-rate records, including records of goods and services tax, employee service,
• settlements with the Authorities,
• keeping a book of revenue and revenue,
• records of costs and revenues, fixed assets,
• conducting commercial books of both the main and auxiliary,
• staff and payroll support,
• name reports of insured persons,
• completing tax returns and ZUS
• registrations of activities on the basis of notarial powers of attorney

The wide spectrum of our services is confirmed by the experience and satisfaction of our customers. Active activity and response to the market for accounting services has provoked us to offer much more than the average office. We understand that a caring entrepreneur devotes every moment to his company and employees. Few in this procedure find time to visit offices and deal with typical office matters, so we offer the reception of documents. If you are interested in our services, please contact us by phone or using the form on the website. We will certainly find the best solution for you!

Creative accounting

The main purpose of our accounting office is to help every person with the most positive effect on it. We realize that the times in which we live require flexibility. We treat both companies and individuals individually. There is no business template, identical cases or standard solutions. Since the beginning of our business, we have focused on your satisfaction, looking for financial solutions. In efficient operation, we successfully use proven solutions, but also the amenities of modern technology. With excellent phone contact, as well as via the internet, you can get free advice or dispel your doubts by email. It is certainly a saving of time and money. By using our services, you are sure of the timely execution of orders, cost reduction, and risk optimisation guarantee. All this today results in trust and recommendation to other customers.

Favorable prices

Every customer of our accounting office can count on the service that is favorable to him. This applies to both those who do their own business and private activities, who come to us with various matters. We treat everyone equally and with the same commitment. People come to us with different things, we try to handle everyone as best as possible. We are aware of the constant changes in the rules, so we keep an eye on their interpretations to keep up to date. We are an office with a trustworthy, so we try not to let anyone down. The customer is the most important for us, which is why we offer professional and comprehensive services. We are not the only accounting office in the city, we know this perfectly so we have set a price list favorable for both sides. From what we hear, we are all very pleased with the quality of our affairs. There have never been situations before that we make some serious mistakes. We can simply analyze the new rules perfectly. We have a subscription to all Official Journals and newsletters ordered. In our work it is the basis. We need to keep up with it, in every topic we offer to our customers. We invite you to us, professionally and at a favorable price, you will take care of your affairs. We are pleased that the number of our customers who trusted us is constantly increasing.