Tax Office Księga

Tax Office Księga

There is a growing demand for accounting services in the market for service companies. This is mainly due to the fact that many people assume freelancer activities – also called a single-person company. Small plants and shops also often choose to entrust their accounting to an external institution. The average “Kowalski”, on the other hand, most associates tax services when it comes time to settle pit. It is then worth knowing where and to whom to turn to when you need accounting assistance. Currently, the tax firm provides a wide range of services related to the assistance in running and setting up activities. The scope of the law firm’s services is extremely broad from accounting to complex financial analyses.

Start-up help

Many people starting the business do not know where to start. The idea for business is just a fraction of your own company. A future entrepreneur is often showered with a lot of information when registering the business, many of which are completely unrelated to his direction. In lack of knowledge, it can be sent back from office to office, which absorbs time, energy and often discourages. Therefore, it is much better to entrust this task to specialists. The Tax Firm book is assisted in such situations.

Our qualified and experienced staff after a thorough but specific interview with the customer is able to determine the financial sketch of the future company. This is very important because each company is determined on the basis of many criteria on which future costs depend. Because we help you set up your business, you, our customers can focus on development and be sure that you will not be unpleasantly surprised by changing regulations or lack of knowledge.

PIT settlements

As we mentioned at the beginning of the service of the tax firm is not only support for business, but also for every taxpayer. Admittedly, there are many guides on the internet to facilitate the annual settlement, but they are based on template sums and situations. This does not always coincide with the actual state. An inadequately filled PIT can expose unnecessary losses. Not everyone is aware of the relief, and it should be remembered that it is your money, hard earned, so it is worth taking care of them. Polish tax laws are constantly changing, and ignorance can sometimes cost salty. While minor mistakes and weaknesses are corrected without consequences, larger errors are the basis for penalties.

By going to our help, you have the confidence to settle the most favorable for you. Depending on your preferences and needs, we offer the ability to contact remote lysis, so we save your time.

For Business

The days when each company was involved in the conduct of settlements and supervision of “dials” have long passed to the lamus. Having your own accounting staff is often costs that outgrow small businesses. No wonder tax law and the rules associated with it are changing dynamically. This requires continuous training of employees. Also, expanding the team involves costs, and does not guarantee that the new ones will manage the task.

It is quite different with constant cooperation with us. The state, our customers pay for a particular service and do not have to worry about regulations, changes, personnel. Moreover, we understand how valuable your time is and therefore we receive the documents ourselves. A predetermined timetable for action creates a sense of security and peace. At the same time, arrangements can be negotiated if necessary, so that everything is beneficial for documentation and company. Our employees can also represent your company before the offices. In order to submit an inquiry, please visit our website, where there is a specially prepared form. The more it reflects your needs, the more accurate we value the service. We also remind you that we are flexible and approach each matter individually, so there is an opportunity to negotiate.

Tax matters

One of the accounting branches is tax matters, their types, timely payment. Our tax firm also does. Many companies entrust us with their affairs, because it is preferable to commission them to professionals, to ensure that the appropriate rates will be held. We are dealing with different types of taxes in everyday life. Each of them must be transferred in due course. By accepting an order from a private or self-employed person, we ensure that funds are transferred correctly and timely ly. Customers don’t have to worry about it, and they can spend their time doing business. The Law Firm Of Tax Księga provides services throughout the Lesser Poland Voivodeship. We have a license of the Minister of Finance to provide comprehensive accounting and financial and economic services. If necessary, you may receive and transport the finished documentation to the customer’s registered office or address. We can always get along and determine the most favourable working conditions, including financial ones.

We make sure that our principals are satisfied with our services. The changes introduced in the legislation also force us to participate in additional training, where we learn about the proper functioning and principles of implementation of new changes. We do all this for our customers. We want them to be sure that they receive professionally drawn documents from us in a timely manner. We assure you that everyone is just as important to us. They come with different things and therefore should be treated individually. Many people are happy and recommend us to their friends. We are very pleased, so we invite you to our office.